Maintenance engineer Job description

At HomeCareUk we have a range of tradesman within branch who are responsible for the continuous running of equipment and machinery. Maintenance is such an important role. Our maintenance engineers work alongside with other professionals in order to constantly improve our services to our customers, reducing the costing of breakdowns and we develop strategies to improve overall reliability  and safety of our customers.


Work performance at HomeCareUk

·         arranging specialist procurement of fixtures, fittings or components

·         carrying out quality inspections on jobs

·         controlling maintenance tools, stores and equipment

·         dealing with emergency and unplanned problems and repairs

·         designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods

·         diagnosing breakdown problems

·         liaising with client departments and customers

·         monitoring and controlling maintenance costs

·         planning and scheduling planned and unplanned work

·         Responsibilities and tasks may vary from role to role but typical work activities include

·         writing maintenance strategies to help with installation and commissioning guidelines


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