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At HomeCareUk our biggest driver of our business is word of mouth recommendation.

HomeCareUk is designed to tie together to influence of word of mouth and increase new instructions by promoting your feedback to landlords who are looking for an agent to instruct in the areas and postcodes you serve.

HomeCareUk Provide guides and a systematic structure to letting your property out . Here's a few things to take into consideration before you let your house:

The external view

This is the first view your potential tenants will have of your property, so you should focus on optimising its appearance.

The interior

Make sure all aspects of your property are up to scratch and meet all of the required standards to give you the best chance of finding the right tenants and achieving the best price.

Other considerations

Think about the type of accommodation you are going to let and how you are going to let it out. Who should you consult before letting your property? Before you can let your property, you need to consult a number of parties:

·         Your mortgage lender

·         Your insurance company

·         Your freeholder (If you have one)

The cost of letting your property

While your thoughts may be leaning towards how much you can make by letting your property, it is important that you consider and budget for the costs involved, too. You should budget for the following costs:

·         Monthly payments which are owed on the property

·         expenses involved such as bringing the property up to standard

·         furniture or furnishings if required

·         solicitors fees

·         letting agents/Management fees

·         insurance fees

·         Contingency budget for ad hoc repairs and maintenance.

·         Choosing a letting agent

The majority of landlords prefer to hand over the responsibility for finding a tenant to a dedicated and qualified letting or estate agent. This cuts out all of the essential unease of having to deal directly with viewings and agreeing with impending tenants. There are considerable advantages in using a letting agent, who will:

·         Advertising your property, arranging viewings

·         Having the knowledge of the local markets

·         Managing and conducting viewings

·         Providing you with guidance and advice

·         Managing agents

After you've found suitable tenants for your property, you have the option of either managing the let yourself, or hiring the services of a managing agent to work on your behalf. HomeCareUk will offer property management services.

HomeCareUk  will:

Get potential tenants by sourcing references from previous landlords, conducting credit checks and obtaining bank details

·         Organise tenancy agreements and inventories

·         Manage the start and end to the tenancy based on your instructions

·         Organise the collection of rent from the tenants and arrange for repairs during the tenancy

·         Inspect the property periodically on your behalf for its condition and state

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