If you were to track every hour spent in your garden, realisation can set in of how much excessive weeding you do! After a while of tearing up intruders and what may can be pleasing at first, a chore can soon wear in.

At HomeCareUk we provide many gardening services and weeding is just one. We can spend time with our customers to give advice on weeding to carrying out your needs for your weeding requirements. Gardening gives great satisfaction and sometimes life can take over. For those who find themselves short of time and just would like someone else to "step in", you've come to the right place.

Information and guidance HomeCareUk provide to our customer:

·         Let sleeping weeds lie

·         Mulch

·         Weed when the weeding’s good

·         Lop off their heads

·         Gaps between plants

·         Water the plants you want and not the weeds you’ve got

For More information On our Services please call our office on 01642 658764 opening hours are 9am-6pm

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